Equity Research for the Technology Investor

Value Investing x Tech Stocks

  • Written by a practicing Equity Research Analyst;
  • ​Unique 4SAFEt process for Value Investing in Technology Stocks;
  • Overview of financial services industry;
  • Packed with case studies - AAPL, MU, AMAT, QCOM ...;
  • ​>90 color illustrations;
  • Original content - not a rehash of prior books or letters​​.

Equity Research Process

This book describes an equity research approach which combines principles of value investing with domain specific expertise in the technology industry. The book also provides an overview of the financial services industry and the different types of conflicts of interest that drive market participants toward objectives that may not be aligned with those of the individual investor. The book describes an equity research process that I have followed throughout my career as a financial analyst, and shows that equity research is difficult not just for the technical skills involved but also due to behavioral issues that one has to deal with quite frequently when it comes to investing. Equity Research takes a lot of work - much more than an individual investor is likely to be able to commit given that her main profession is probably something other than investing. A central message of the book is for the individual investor to find an independent investment manager who she can trust to pursue an investment strategy that is aligned with her goals.

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The Book

Equity Research Book with unique emphasis on Value Investing in Tech Stocks.
Date published: 03/22/2016
Edition: 1
ISBN: 978-0692667897
Available in Paperback

Your Questions Answered

The book seeks to answer the following questions, among many others that frequently confound the average individual investor (as well as some professional investors).

  • What is Equity Research?
  • What are the differences between Buyside and Sellside?
  • Why is investing in Tech Stocks difficult?
  • What is Value Investing?
  • What drives Margin of Safety?
  • How can Value Investing be applied to Tech Stocks?

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Reader Feedback

“I now feel that I have a much better understanding of the route I want to take in finance and what my future career goals are”

“Greatly enjoyed it … especially chapter regarding margin of safety” College Sophomore, Analyst Intern

“A recommended read for investors, analysts or students interested in understanding practical application of investing concepts”

“A valuable guide to understanding technology stocks” Dheeraj Vaidya, Wallstreetmojo.com

“Fundamental research is time consuming but absolutely critical in the diligence process. Amazing how this is often overlooked in the real world.”

“A must read for all tech investors” Tech Industry IR Professional

“To my knowledge, It’s the first book addressing value investing in the tech industry so it definitely deserves a wider following and would be valuable to many fellow value investors.”

“Great Book” Hedge Fund Analyst, U.K.

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